Order bags of Cafe Justicia green beans

“The first bean that I knew I was going to use was Cafe Justicia from the CCDA (Campesino Committee of the Highlands) … out of Guatemala. It’s an incredible group. I’ve met the growers multiple times and the coffee itself is excellent quality and certified organic.”

— Patrick Dunham of Patrick’s Beans, interviewed by eatdrink.ca

Cafe Justicia imports green coffee beans directly from the CCDA and stores them in humidity and temperature-controlled coffee warehouses at Eland in Mississauga, ON and Seaforth in Delta, BC. At both warehouses, we have certified organic and transitional coffee available by the 69 KG. bag (152 lb.). Choose the appropriate price list below to order one bag or several pallets.

CCDA farmers usually carry out the coffee harvest from mid-November to late March. As they are harvested, the coffee cherries are processed to parchment coffee at the CCDA’s mill and research centre at Cerro de Oro near Lake Atitlan. When all the coffee has been harvested, it is sent to Dinamica Crops in Guatemala City for preparation for export. The new crop is usually imported to Canada in July or August.

Organic certification and other documents for each coffee available on request.

 Super Green Bean Sale

In March 2019, Cafe Justicia imported an extra container of the CCDA’s coffee to Vancouver after a group in Europe cancelled their order at the last minute. With sales slowing to a crawl during the pandemic, we are offering significant savings to move this coffee. Regularly priced at $502.50 per 150 lb. bag, the 2017-18 transitional Cafe Justicia is on sale of just $330 per bag, with even steeper discounts on orders of 8 or more bags. 

Our 2018-19 organic at the Eland warehouse in Ontario is also currently on sale. Please check the price list below for sale prices.